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20 April 2017

Our Members


Membership is limited by statute to 12. These members are unpaid and represent legal, educational and local government bodies as well as owners of private archives and professional archivists. In recent years two members nominated by the Society of Archivists in Scotland have been co-opted onto the Council to reflect the opinions of the archive profession in Scotland. In addition, the Keeper of the Records of Scotland, the Deputy Keeper, the Registrar General for Scotland, and the two members of the Society of Archivists in Scotland attend Council meetings in an advisory capacity. The secretariat is provided by the National Archives of Scotland (NAS).

In the past the Secretary of State appointed members. Today the selection is still the direct responsibility of the First Minister, but nominations are also sought from groups with a specific interest in the records of Scotland. These include the Scottish Association of Teachers in History, COSLA and the Scottish Records Association among others. The Lord President continues to nominate a legal representative.

Current members of the SRAC

Chairman: Professor Hector MacQueen, Professor of Private Law, The University of Edinburgh

Professor Lynn Abrams, Professor of Gender History, the University of

Mr Peter Daniels, formerly Chief Executive, East Renfrewshire Council. Nominated by COSLA.

Professor Roger Davidson, Professor of Social History, The University of Edinburgh

Mr James Hamill, retired, formerly of the Justice Department, Scottish Executive

Sheriff David B Smith, retired, formerly Sheriff in Kilmarnock

There are currently six vacancies for the following areas: an owner of private records, a Scottish medievalist, a judge, an NHS archivist, a local authority archivist and an education specialist. The Council is shortly due for a five-yearly Policy and Financial Management Review, after which some new appointments may be considered

Society of Archivists co-opted members:

Ms Lesley Richmond, Director of Archive Services, Glasgow University Archives Services and Business Records Centre

Mr Kevin Wilbraham, Council Records Manager, City of Edinburgh Council

Secretary: Dr Alison Rosie, National Archives of Scotland



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