Laye's plan of 1740 (detail)
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About the drawings and photos

The fieldwork at Stirling Castle Palace has resulted in the creation of an extensive visual archive. This archive includes hundreds of photographs from the standing building recording, along with numerous field drawings - many of which have been converted into digital versions in AutoCAD®.

It has also seen the production of dozens of high-quality photographs of finds from the excavation on the Ladies' Lookout, along with many photographs of various aspects of the excavation. Allied to this archive, the post-fieldwork stage of the research saw the creation of a rich assemblage of historical images (both photographs and drawings) that revealed the changing appearance and function of the Palace over the centuries.

You are able to download many of the digital drawings, and browse many of the other images from this archive online - just use the menu at the top of the page to take you to the category of data you are interested in.

Do i need any special software to view these images?

In order to view the CAD drawings you will need Autodesk® True View provided by Autodesk® (or alternative software that can open .dxf files).

This piece of software is available for free from the Autodesk® website - simply follow the link below.

download autodesk design review