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Project Manager G. Ewart
Report contributors
Director & senior author G. Ewart
Senior author & historian D. Gallagher
Senior archaeologist & author D. Murray
Documentary historian & senior author J. Harrison
Author & editor T. Whalley
Author & editor S. Hogg
Author, surveyor & illustrator P. Fox
Illustrator D. Damianoff
Illustrator M. Travis
Illustrator J. Godbert
Historic woodwork T. Hanke
Dendrochronology A. Crone
Finds Assemblage J. Franklin
Faunal remains J. Thoms
Vessel Glass & clay pipes D. Gallagher
Field team
Director G. Ewart
Senior supervisor D. Murray
Assistant supervisor A. Radley
Assistant supervisor D. Stewart
Assistant supervisor P. Sharman
Surveyor & draughtsman J. Godbert
Photographer A. Hollinraker
Senior finds assistant J. Franklin
Assistant finds assistant S. Hogg
Archaeologist P. Fox
Archaeologist C. Shaw
Archaeologist S. Coulter
Archaeologist A. Becket
Archaeologist T. Whalley
Archaeologist J. Godbert

Special thanks to

Doreen Grove, Peter Buchanan, Ruth Vaughan, Gavin Douglas, Willie McEwen, Duncan Peet, Judy Harper, Peter Yeoman, Richard Fawcett, Richard Welander, and all members of Historic Scotland MCU and Castle staff.

Advice and encouragement was received from

John Dunbar, Ian Macivor, Jim Hutcheson, Geoffrey Stell, Andy Dunn, Chris Tabraham and David Caldwell.