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Behind all the images and publications sits an archive of thousands of context sheets containing information collected during the fieldwork. These represent the primary data upon which all the other work is subsequently built.

Normally this information is only available as a paper-based archive - meaning that if anyone should wish to look at a particular context sheet they need to physically visit the archive. As part of this online publication, these context sheets have been edited and put into a digital format, and are now accessible via the link below.

Clicking on this link will open a window showing you an initial list view of the context sheets held in the database. You can then run searches and queries in order to find specific keywords or records.

When the database returns the results of this search (as a list), you can see even more detailed information about any particular record by clicking on the 'view' link at the left-hand-side of the row. Hover your mouse here
for a graphical guide to the main database window.

Any empty fields in the database indicate that this information was not recorded on the original paper record.

search the online database