Scottish Environment Statistics Online Index

Please note that that this page and the associated data are no longer updated as of 30 September 2017

The environment is a key aspect to the success and well-being of Scotland. There are aspects of the environment which affect human health, wildlife and economic success. Scotland’s environment is generally in a good condition but there remain areas where environmental quality is poor. Scottish Environment Statistics Online is a web-based dissemination tool designated as Official Statistics. Those statistics that are National Statistics are labelled appropriately.

Until 30th September 2017 all datasets held in SESO were updated whenever new data became available. However much of the data held by SESO is now available elsewhere online, and so, following a consultation, we have decided to stop updating the datasets in SESO. We have now provided a link to where the updated data may now be found. This is generally from the organisation which originally collected and published the data. For the few datasets where the data is not available elsewhere, we will work with data providers and SEWeb so the data can be made available.

Please note that all the datasets held in SESO will remain available to download in Excel format as they were as of 30th September 2017. However the SESO interface (which uses drop-down menus to select year and data subcategories) is not compatible with the new Scottish Government website currently being developed and so will no longer be available. If you have any direct links to the SESO interface, please change these to link to the SESO root page.

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