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Coronavirus (COVID-19): adult care homes visiting guidance

Guidance on visiting during the pandemic plus tools and resources on visiting, and supporting residents in homes with COVID-19.

24 Feb 2021
Coronavirus (COVID-19): adult care homes visiting guidance

Minimising the risk of transmission over the winter period and the Omicron variant

Throughout December 2021 and January 2022 a number of updates have been issued to the care home sector regarding protective measures in response to the Covid-19 Omicron variant, including for visiting, guidance for self-isolation for health and social care staff and self-isolation periods for care home residents. All guidance included in the letters issued in this period has been combined into one guidance page. This page is reviewed  regularly to remove any guidance that is no longer in place to ensure it is up to date and reflective of the current measures in place in  adult care homes in response to the omicron variant.

Public Health Scotland Covid-19 Adult Care Home guidance has also recently been updated to reflect all guidance changes including visiting during outbreaks and self-isolation periods for residents and care home staff.

Visiting guidance

Open with Care: supporting meaningful contact in care homes was launched in 24 February 2021, to provide guidance to support the resumption of meaningful contact  between care home residents and their loved ones. Protective measures in adult care homes and guidance to support visiting has been reviewed and updated regularly since the launch of Open with Care. This has included:

Public Health Scotland has also updated all of the guidance in relation to the above in its Covid-19 Guidance for Adult Care Homes.

Visiting professionals into care homes and communal activities

It is recommended that visiting professionals should visit adult care homes if required to do so unless advised otherwise by the local health protection team or the care home. This included visits by health and social care professionals, holistic and spiritual care professionals and others, such as site contractors, maintenance and health and safety personnel. We sent a letter to the sector on 2 December 2021 advising this. This letter and position is an update on advice published, 14 April 2021. The advice is also contained in Public Health Scotland’s COVID-19 information and guidance for care home settings (adults and older people).

Letters to the sector and additional supporting information

Open with Care workshop slides

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Infographics and resources

About this guidance

The guidance has been produced by the Care Homes Clinical and Professional Advisory Group (CPAG), a multi-disciplinary group chaired by members of the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Nursing Officer directorates. The group has been established to provide clinical and professional advice throughout the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Care Homes CPAG will continue to review the guidance taking account of changes in the emerging picture around COVID-19.

Previous Scottish Government Care Home Guidance has been archived, please contact for any archived requests.



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