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Coronavirus (COVID-19): distance aware scheme

Last updated: 10 Feb 2022 - see all updates
Published: 24 Jan 2022

The Distance Aware scheme is designed to help those worried about mixing with others as we adapt to living with COVID-19. Find out how to get a Distance Aware badge or lanyard to show others you need more space.

24 Jan 2022
Coronavirus (COVID-19): distance aware scheme

 DDistance Aware logo exampleistance Aware

Distance Aware badges and lanyards show others you need space

Distance Aware badges and lanyards are for anyone who prefers others to take extra care around them, for any reason.

You might be worried about mixing with others as we adapt to living with the virus, or you might just feel more comfortable when you have more room.

The Distance Aware scheme was first developed by the Bevan Commission for Wales. We have worked with the Commission to adopt the scheme and adapt it for Scotland.

Get a badge or lanyard

Free from libraries and Asda stores

You can pick up a free Distance Aware badge or lanyard from all libraries across Scotland. Free badges are also available in most Asda stores. If there are no badges or lanyards in stock in your library or Asda, they will be restocked soon.

Order online

You can also order a badge or lanyard online. Find a list of charities to order from on the Bevan Commission Website.

Some of these charities charge a small fee for a badge or lanyard.

Become a Distance Aware partner (for businesses and organisations)

We’re asking businesses and organisations to adopt the Distance Aware scheme to give reassurance to people wishing to wear the symbol, and to raise awareness of the scheme and what the symbol means more widely to staff, members or customers.

You can support Distance Aware by:

  • displaying posters or leaflets in your organisation or premises – these are available to print and download from this page, and can be tailored with your logo
  • sharing information about the campaign on your social media channels – example social media posts and ready-to-use assets are included in our partner toolkit
  • encouraging your staff or those that support your organisation to share the #BeDistanceAware hashtag
  • sharing information on your website or through email communications with your audience
  • encouraging workplace or member discussions about what Distance Aware means and how it can be promoted and understood within your business or organisation. Employers and trade unions can arrange discussions with employees or members to get ideas and highlight how staff can get involved with the scheme
  • purchasing badges, lanyards, or any items with the symbol for your staff, members or customers. You can also adapt with your own logo or messages
  • talking to staff, members or customers who may benefit from the scheme, making lanyards or badges available if appropriate

Download our partner toolkit for more information. This includes social media assets and example articles and social media posts you can use to support Distance Aware.

Partner toolkit

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