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Coronavirus (COVID-19): safer businesses and workplaces

Guidance for businesses and workplaces on reducing the risk of COVID-19 and supporting staff and customers.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): safer businesses and workplaces
Vaccination and workplace testing

Vaccination and workplace testing


NHS Scotland strongly recommends that you attend your vaccine appointments when offered. This includes any booster vaccine which may be available. Further information on COVID-19 vaccines can be found at NHS Inform.

Businesses can help encourage vaccine take up by:

  • supporting staff to get the COVID-19 vaccine once it is offered to them. This may require paid time off to attend the appointment
  • encouraging vaccine take up by sharing the benefits of being vaccinated with staff. It could help to display material from the NHS COVID-19 vaccination marketing toolkit which includes information leaflets in a number of languages

Further information and guidance is available at Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination.

Workplace testing

Twice weekly testing using lateral flow devices (LFDs), also known as rapid tests, helps to identify positive cases in people who have no symptoms, but who are still infectious. Workplace testing aims to break chains of transmission and supports the operation of essential services. 

Individuals should do a lateral flow test regularly (twice-weekly) and on every occasion they intend to mix socially with people from other households. This might mean testing more regularly. This will help break chains of transmission, which is particularly important with the new latest, more transmissible variant.

LFD kits are available through NHS Inform or from local pharmacies or test centres.

Workplace testing is open to all private, public and third sector workplaces with 10 or more members of staff who are based in Scotland. This approach aims to support and protect Scottish workplaces as they return to work. Workplaces with fewer than 10 employees can freely access the universal testing programme. We will review our approach to workplace testing in March 2022.

For eligible Scottish workplaces with 10 or more employees, whether public, private, or third sector, they can apply for Lateral Flow Devices (LFDs) via this page on the Scottish Government website Getting tested in Scotland. This will send the enquiry to the NHS Scotland testing mailbox at:

Organisations will then be sent the relevant form to fill out to apply for testing, relative to their sector. If a business is currently not eligible for workplace testing via the Scottish Government, the testing routes available are:

  • companies can set up their own private testing arrangements
  • universal testing for staff who are not participating in other schemes in an education or workplace settings
  • staff can collect their own test kits from a local testsite or order online for the tests to be sent via the post or also can collect from a registered community pharmacies across Scotland

The asymptomatic testing programme does not replace the current testing policy for people with COVID-19 symptoms. People who experience symptoms of coronavirus must self-isolate immediately and arrange a PCR test. People with symptoms must not rely on a negative LFD result as a reason to continue to attend the workplace.



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