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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Test and Protect

Last updated: 2 Mar 2022 - see all updates
Published: 18 Feb 2021

Information and support for people who are asked to self-isolate because of COVID-19, including the Self-Isolation Support Grant (£500).

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Test and Protect
Who needs to self isolate

Who needs to self-isolate

Self-isolation advice, including who needs to self-isolate, how long self-isolation should last, and how to book a test, can be found at: Coronavirus (COVID-19): Self-isolation guidance for individuals with possible coronavirus infection on NHS Inform.

We have published updated guidance on reducing the risks in schoolsWhole classes or groupings of pupils, where the nature of contact presents a low risk of transmission, will no longer be contacted individually or required to self-isolate, they will receive a 'warn and inform' letter. This also applies to other settings and situations such as holiday clubs, youth groups (e.g. cubs, brownies, guides, scouts), sports clubs etc.

First published: 18 Feb 2021 Last updated: 2 Mar 2022 -