Out of hospital cardiac arrest aftercare: funding call 2022

We are inviting project proposals to improve out of hospital cardiac arrest aftercare.

Application criteria

The Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest Strategy (2021 – 2026) sets out the aim of ensuring that all individuals who are affected by Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA) will be offered support afterwards.

It is important to better understand the needs of, and develop aftercare support for,

  • individuals who have an OHCA
  • people who provide bystander intervention in OHCA incidents
  • emergency service personnel or community first responders

We seek project applications focusing on the development and implementation of resources or pathways of support for any or all of the groups above.

All applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • clear demonstration of benefits and outcomes that meet the aim of ensuring that support is available to any or all of the three groups of people identified above
  • proposals from organisations working together
  • clear potential for ongoing sustainability post funding
  • clear measures to evaluate the project
  • capacity to deliver the project by the end of April 2023


If you have any queries or would if you would like to speak to the policy team about your proposal ahead of applying please contact:

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