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 I don't think I fully grasped the sheer quality and impact of Spence's work until I visited Coventry Cathedral. I was so impressed with the space, the use of light, the quality of the materials and craftsmanship, and the processional nature of the stained glass revealing itself as you travelled through the building.

Rebecca Bailey, Edinburgh

I was very surprised the first time I visited Coventry Cathedral; I was really taken aback by the building. I loved the way the light flowed into nave windows and the way you can access both the old and the new buildings. It really is a journey to walk around the whole site, and each visit back I always notice something new. I think it is a great monument to what was a devastating time in history for the city of Coventry.

Angela Greenwood, Glasgow

Coventry born and bred, still living here, the Cathedral has been a spiritual root all my life. Regardless of the ministry which goes on there, the place is very, very special. As a kid I sung in one of the concerts celebrating its consecration, joined the 'quire' later, then a server. It has shaped my faith, and my aesthetics. I have always defended critics, both of the building and the wonderful art inside. As a guide I once spoke to a visiting Jew who said 'I've always been a Jew, but this place makes me wonder'. The way sunlight illuminates the interior is breathtaking (on a sunny day of course!). The Christian celebration of my second marriage was in the Chapel of Unity. If for no other reason, Sir Basil will be in Heaven just for 'his' cathedral, and I look forward to talking to him about it!

Tim Constable