This page contains information about the individual projects within the programme.

The first project was Connected with the Clyde. This project aimed to quantify and map specific aspects of the evidential base for the Discovering the Clyde research programme, in order to inform and underpin the development of future projects in the programme. This involved:

  • The identification and quantification of how many historic environment places were ‘Connected with the Clyde’, along and adjacent to the river
  • Assessing the quality of the National Record of the Historic Environment database data and potential research information associated with places (e.g. location, function, period, interpretation, archive material, social value, etc.)

Outlining potential approaches to further our understanding of the range of historic environment places represented

The second project was Defending the Clyde.  This initiative surveyed the many sites which were built during the first half of the 20th century to protect the Clyde, and the major towns along it, from attack from the sea (coastal defences) and from the air (aerial defences). These defences were a great success – enemy ships and submarines never entered the Firth, and air raids were disrupted – yet we have very little in the way of records of them.

Yard-By-Yard was the third project. Here, we investigated ship building, and related industries at locations along the Clyde. We worked in Greenock and Port Glasgow, with Inverclyde Community Development Trust.