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The Discovering the Clyde Canoe journey has travelled to Europe!

When it comes to the impact of projects, rarely do we see them being taken up beyond their locality and their legacies are often archived rather than being revived and re-cast.  But not in the case of the launch of the Discovering the Clyde programme, which saw canoeists travelling down the river, between Lamington and Wolfclyde bridges, in June 2015.

Subsequently, Dr Alex Hale (Archaeologist at HES) delivered a paper to a UNESCO conference on Anticipation, at the University of Trento. His paper was based upon the design and delivery of a multi-disciplinary project that incorporated school students, researchers, archaeologists and creative artists.

As a result of his paper, an Italian researcher, Chiara Emanuelli has been working with 15 secondary school teachers, to demonstrate how heritage can be vital in learning. Chiara has used the Discovering the Clyde launch project as a case study with her teacher-students. Now we know how long the River Clyde really can become!

For further Clyde journeys follow: #clyde2sea

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