Hyndford Mills

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Last Wednesday I visited two mill sites on the Clyde just upstream of Lanark: Hyndford Mills and Carmichael Mill in the company of representatives of the Clydesdale Mills Society, CAVLP Heritage, and my colleague Dr Piers Dixon.

Hyndford Mills (pictured) is a fascinating complex of buildings with roots that seem likely to go back to the 16th Century, or earlier.  Until Clydesdale Mills Society began work on the site in recent years, very little of the site was visible above ground.  So little was known about it that it does not even have a record in Canmore – that is something that we are going to put right!

Carmichael Mill, on the other side of Hyndford Bridge, is a better known site.  Glasgow University carried out digs in the early 2000s.  This year, the Clydesdale Mills Society has been carrying out further work, uncovering another mill which may be even older.

The Clydesdale Mills Society has built up impressive records on 165 mill sites: we look forward to continued working with them on Hyndford Mills, and potentially others.


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  1. M Bowring

    My Great Grandfather was registered to have been born at “Hyndford Mill” about 1794.

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