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Scotland’s coast and sea firths, including the Clyde, are important to Scotland’s people in many different ways.  Not least is the contribution they make in terms of recreation and tourism.  The coastline can be a beautiful  place to visit, a place to relax and a place to take part in different leisure pursuits.  Many tourism and leisure jobs are supported by these activities.

For the last few months Marine Scotland has been carrying out the first national survey into recreation and tourism around our coasts and seas.  The response was been good with over 2,000 people submitting their views.

Now you have chance to find out about the early results, and to have your say.  A series of workshops have been arranged round the country.  The Glasgow event will be held on the afternoon of 26th November.

We will be talking to the survey team and seeing how Discovering the Clyde can work with this initiative.




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