Help Shape a new Clyde Valley Geological Trail – A New Initiative from CAVLP and BGS

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Rocky precipices, dramatic landforms, quarries or mines – what are your favourite geological features in the Clyde and Avon valleys?

Help shape the ‘Shaping Our Landscape’ geological trail to be launched next year by the British Geological Survey (BGS) Scotland and the Clyde and Avon Valley Landscape Partnership (CAVLP), which will uncover the rich geological history of the Clyde and Avon valleys.

The fertile land of the Clyde and Avon valleys, its wealth of coal and stone, and its picturesque river landscapes are the products of over 300 million years of Earth history. Residents and visitors alike will be able follow the trail to explore the region’s rocks, landforms, mines and quarries – discovering the ancient coal swamps, vast ice sheets and powerful rivers that have shaped the land and the local communities.

Beginning in August 2015, part 1 of the project focuses on a geological audit by BGS to identify and characterise the important geological features within the CAVLP area. In part 2, interactive resources will be developed to enable young and old alike to explore the geological story of the Clyde and Avon valleys.

Donna Marshall, CAVLP Programme Manager, said: “We really hope that people of the Clyde and Avon valleys will get involved in this project. This represents a unique opportunity to get involved in developing a new trail which will interpret the area. Local residents are, of course, best placed to help us shape this trail project with local geological knowledge of the landscape. This valley has been shaped by nature to create a unique mosaic of geological features and we’d like to help more people share in experiencing and appreciating the fantastic geology of the area.”

By sharing knowledge of geological features and geoheritage sites within the Clyde and Avon valleys area, residents can contribute to the geological audit and help shape the geological trail.

To provide information contact Katie Whitbread at or call 0131 667 1000 before 25th September 2015. Please include grid references or detailed location information for suggested sites.


Corra Linn, BGS, NERC

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