Helping small & medium-sized employers face challenges from COVID-19.

All of Scotland’s employers are adapting to a new economic environment – including a greater focus on innovation and productivity – where having the right blend of skills in place is essential.

COVID-19 - alongside longer-term challenges such as demographic and technological changes - has brought the skills needs of Scotland’s businesses into sharper focus. 

Skills Development Scotland is helping employers face these challenges by equipping people and organisations with the skills to seize opportunities and realise their potential.

Delivered by in partnership with specialists Connect ThreeThe Leadership Factory, Pragmatique and Remarkable, SDS advisers work with you to help identify any learning needs and provide a fresh perspective on what skills your organisation needs for the future. 

Fully-funded and offering employers a range of potential solutions unique to them, Skills for Growth guides you towards the right support, such as training opportunities and funding.  

Employers benefit from having their own specialist adviser from SDS and a specialist consultant. They'll help make the best use of your management skills, assess the skills of your staff and work with training providers to fill the gaps. 

Looking for support?

If you're based in Scotland with between five and 250 employees, call 0800 783 6000 to find out more, or alternatively add your details here.