Putting Scotland at the forefront of markets in Ultra Low Emissions Vehicles

Key points:

  • Investing £15 million to expand Scotland’s electric vehicle (EV) charging network
  • Invest in platforms to support testing and demonstration facilities
  • Upscale opportunities across emerging hydrogen transport markets
  • Research and development of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) or Driverless Cars

We want Scotland to be at the forefront of growth in ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEV) markets, to ensure our business community and workforce benefit from the opportunities that new markets, knowledge and technologies present.

In addition to investing over £15 million to expand Scotland’s electric vehicle (EV) charging network (Charge Place Scotland), we will work with our stakeholders to support new commercial opportunities while delivering benefits to consumers and integrating EVs into our electricity networks.

We have established an Industry Advisory Group to explore and advise on the strategic interventions, collaborations and investments required to substantially grow Scotland’s zero emission transport sector in the short to medium term. In collaboration with our enterprise agencies, we will invest in emerging research and commercial opportunities, with a particular emphasis on testing and demonstration facilities and innovation at the interface between energy and mobility, making best use the high-quality university research base in Scotland.

In collaboration with the energy network operators, we will support opportunities for data-driven innovation to influence and manage consumer energy demand and to improve network management. To capitalise on Scotland’s internationally significant hydrogen projects and pilots, we will set in place a coordinated programme of work to upscale opportunities across emerging hydrogen transport markets.

We will also continue to encourage and support ongoing research, development, demonstration, and deployment of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) or Driverless Cars. For example, we held a two-day ‘CAV Scotland’ event in 2018, with and next Cav Scotland conference took place in Glasgow on the 13 and 14 November 2019. We have also been successful in a bid to Innovate UKs ‘CAV4’ call for funding of an autonomous bus demonstrator. We are now working with partners - Fusion Processing, Stagecoach, Bristol Robotics Laboratory, Alexander Dennis, University of West of England and Napier University- to deliver a pilot autonomous bus service. This will run between Fife and Edinburgh across the Forth Road Bridge public transport corridor by Summer 2020. We are also partnering with INRIX on their ‘AV Road Rules’ platform to digitise part of the trunk road network and provide key data on road characteristics to encourage autonomous vehicle developers to bring trials and innovative technologies to Scotland.

Key resources:

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