We are working with partners to support small businesses and others to adopt fair work as a means to increasing productivity, performance, growth and innovation

Fair Work
Working with employers and employer organisations, we are developing online support for small and micro enterprises to help them adopt Fair Work practices and thrive. This is part of our 2025 vision for a Fair Work Nation set out in the Fair Work Action Plan. Adopting such practices can help make small businesses become more competitive by improving talent attraction, reducing staff turnover and absenteeism while improving motivation and workforce engagement.

Supporting a More Diverse and Inclusive Workforce
We are helping businesses realise the benefits of increased workforce diversity. This includes funding Close the Gap, Scotland’s expert organisation on gender inequality in the labour market. Its Think Business, Think Equality, online toolkit is aimed at SMEs who want to find out how their business can benefit from improved gender diversity. It enables businesses to assess their current employment practices, and provides tailored advice and guidance to improve gender and diversity. We have also published the research study ‘Addressing the Gender Pay Gap, Employer Methods’ which highlights the business benefits and challenges of tackling gender pay gaps.

Scottish Business Pledge
The Scottish Business Pledge (SBP) promotes fairness, equality, opportunity and innovation in Scotland – which in turn creates greater economic success and sustainable inclusive growth. The free-to-make voluntary commitment is the linchpin that brings together the policies and practices that focus business ambition on achieving inclusive success. It is based on boosting productivity and competitiveness through fairness, equality and sustainable employment. It is good for business and good for Scotland. In response to business feedback the Business Pledge was refreshed in October 2019 and now offers greater support to businesses through a Business to Business Learning Network and the introduction of a Business Leadership Group for the Business Pledge to put business in the driving seat.

Scotland CAN B
Developed by B Lab, a non-profit organisation which serves a global movement promoting business as a force for good, this is a free impact assessment which helps businesses become more values-driven. It also helps business participants understand the value of committing to the Scottish Business Pledge with in-kind support from CAN DO partners.

Social Enterprises
Our Social Enterprise Strategy aims to help the social enterprise movement realise its full potential, supporting entrepreneurs who seek to reinvest profits into a social mission. This is, in-part, delivered through our investment in the Social Entrepreneurs Fund delivered by Firstport and Just Enterprise delivered by a social enterprise consortium.

Key resources:

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Think Business, Think Equality

Addressing the Gender Pay Gap: Employer Methods

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