Enhancing Scotland’s access to global value chains through targeted excellence-led collaboration on research and innovation

A photograph of a presenter demonstrating software developed by the Glasgow School of Art Simulation School

Key points:

  • The Scottish Government and Scotland’s business, academic and public sector partners value the relationships we have with our European partners forging research and innovation collaborations maintain our excellence and can have a global impact.
  • Scottish organisations have already secured almost €650 million to date (July 2019) from the current EU research and innovation funding programme (Horizon 2020) alone.

Collaborating and sharing of ideas, knowledge, facilities, expertise and good practice with European and other international partners has been a cornerstone of our ability to tackle shared challenges through research and innovation, both here and at a global level, to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN, and has driven up the quality of our research. Through European and other international networks, we are targeting key business as well as public sector and academic collaborators in areas of major academic and economic opportunity for Scotland. Working in partnership will allow us to accelerate the development of new innovative approaches in Scotland. It will also show leadership in emerging business, academic and sectoral opportunities and enhance our research and innovation excellence and standing on the world stage.

We recognise the benefits of active collaboration of academia, business and the public and third sectors in European research and innovation activity: through shared access to European networks, resources and facilities; mobility and career development opportunities for researchers, building reputational opportunities for science and business, and being part of pan-European collaborations with the benefits that projects of such size and scale offer to all participants including adding value for money to our investments and attracting internal investment.

We are committed to continuing our strong and collaborative relations with our European partners in the face of the major challenges ahead. Our ambition is to ensure that Scotland can continue to participate as fully as possible in future EU programmes such as Horizon Europe to support Scottish organisations to collaborate internationally to drive research and innovation excellence.

Dr Lamberton from the University of Glasgow’s Institute of Biodiversity Animal Health & Comparative Medicine is working through a prestigious €1.5 Million European Research Council Grant under Horizon 2020 to investigate the disease schistosomiasis, caused by parasitic worms. Despite extensive mass drug administration (MDA) it remains a major public health issue in Africa with a socio-economic impact second only to malaria amongst parasites. Dr Lamberton will evaluate novel strategies and new technologies to enhance control of schistosomiasis in sub-Saharan Africa. This includes studying issues of transmission and of drug resistance and using DNA chip diagnostics, genetic analysis and drug screening. The results will improve monitoring and inform policy makers on how best to treat the disease, with the findings potentially transferrable across a range of MDA controlled diseases.

Key resources:

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