Providing a highly skilled workforce through education, training and re-skilling

A photograph of two staff members working along side each other in a lab at Edinburgh's Bioquarter

An unprecedented rate of technological change is driving change in the workplace, and an urgent need for more flexible ways to upskill and retrain people. We will continue to create opportunities for participation, progression and transition in Scotland’s labour market to ensure Scotland’s highly skilled individuals and businesses fulfil their potential.

We have set out a clear approach on how we will deliver this change through the Future Skills Action Plan. Working with a range of partners, including those in further and higher education and in business and employer organisations, we will deliver the commitments in the Future Skills Action Plan while ensuring Scotland’s skills system continues to deliver the change we need on the ground to individuals, businesses and our economy.

The National Manufacturing Skills Academy is supporting 25 studentships in 6 universities with more on the way