Place based approach to maximise the full potential of the Clyde

Key points:

  • Developing a compelling investor prospectus
  • Identifying further opportunities for business growth and jobs
  • Realising the potential of the river to help address the Climate Change Emergency

When the River Clyde flourishes so does Glasgow, the city-region and Scotland. To deliver our economic, social and environmental ambitions, we will develop and deliver a national, place based mission to maximise the full potential of the Clyde and surrounding land and assets.

From South Lanarkshire through to Inverclyde, nearly 115,000 people live in the area just 500 metres either side of the river and there are over 30,000 companies supporting around 160,000 jobs. However, around one in four of the local population live in areas within the 15% most deprived in Scotland and there are also over 250 sites of vacant and derelict land covering over 400 hectares, with a number of these and other sites are at risk of flooding.

With the support of City Region Deal funding, investments such as those in the Barclays Glasgow Campus, the expansion of the Scottish Events Campus (SEC), the Glasgow Riverfront Innovation Campus, along with the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District and Queens Quay, are bringing new economic life and vibrancy to the Clyde corridor. We will work together across the public and private sectors to ensure the collective impact of those investments are optimised and to attract further investment. We will also develop further opportunities, for example, building on industries such as shipbuilding and marine engineering and bringing vacant and derelict land back in to productive use. We will look at how we can improve and open up the river for visitors, local people and communities and ensure it is climate ready - adaptable and resilient to climate change - and potentially use the river as a source of heat and energy for businesses and communities.

Our initial work will focus on developing a compelling investor prospectus, identifying further opportunities for business growth and jobs, realising the potential of the Clyde to help address the climate change emergency and the opportunities the river presents for new industries and jobs. We will look at how we can bring forward further investment through the Green Growth Accelerator model and Scottish National Investment Bank. We will also work with local authorities. This will include considering plans for a Glasgow Metro as part of the second Strategic Transport Project Review to ensure the area is well served by sustainable transport, as well as managing future flood risk and using the opportunity presented by the preparation of the National Planning Framework 4 to consider the strategic importance of the river. At the heart of this approach will be our commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 75% by 2030 and to achieving net zero by 2045.