Seizing the economic opportunities through the transition to a climate-neutral economy

A photograph of an aeroplane flying over Uist

In a world of finite resources there are huge opportunities for the countries and companies which develop new ways to both reduce our demands for natural resources and use resources more productively.

We are the only country in the world with statutory annual greenhouse gas reduction targets, and we have set an ambition to become climate-neutral by 2050. The economic opportunities here for our most innovative businesses are enormous. We are backing this mission with investment that will stimulate new research, innovation and private investment. We want to help Scottish businesses and universities to innovate at home and then export their solutions to the rest of the world.

The new, statutory, five year Climate Change Adaptation Programme will set out around 170 policies and proposals centred around our communities, climate justice, the economy, Scotland’s infrastructure and supporting systems, our natural, coastal and marine environments and our international partnerships. The Programme is designed to address priority risks for Scotland and a number of research projects to help us better understand the action we will need to take.

Urban Foresight puts the wheels in motion on e-bike project

Urban Foresight is a smart city consultancy based in Dundee, which helps cities deliver environmentally-focussed services such as electric vehicle charging, is working on innovative projects such as the UK’s largest e-bike scheme.

The company, which received Regional Selective Support, moved to larger office space in August 2019 to expand its team just a year after establishing a base in the city.

One of its major projects is the Mobility Innovation Living Laboratory (The MILL), a £2 million programme delivered on behalf of Dundee City Council to make Dundee a test-bed for transport innovations.

The company is working closely with RideOn, a Spanish company, to bring 400 e-bikes to Dundee - thought to be one of the biggest bike sharing schemes of its kind in the UK.

Infrastructure for the project is starting to go into the ground and a soft launch will take place in 2020 once the planning process is complete.

Projects being trialled by The MILL also include Scotland’s largest smart parking project – a fleet vehicle sharing platform for public sector organisations and a car club that allows easier access beyond designated bays.

Urban Foresight director Rachel Beeton said the company was forecast to grow the 11 employees years, having already grown from a team of one to eight in a year.

She said: "We look forward to working on more projects that improve lives, protect the environment and boost local economies, not just in Dundee but across Scotland and globally too."