Scotland's Climate Change Act (2019) requires two independent conveners to support the Assembly. Ruth Harvey and Josh Littlejohn were appointed by Climate Change Secretary and together they guided the Assembly members through the process and made sure their voices are heard.

Josh Little john

Josh Littlejohn

Josh is one of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs and campaigners having led a global movement to tackle homelessness and displacement. Josh’s began working on the homelessness issue when he founded Social Bite, a social enterprise in Scotland with a mission to eradicate homelessness in the country. Social Bite started as a small chain of sandwich shops that began offering jobs and free food to homeless people. The cafes shot to global fame when Hollywood A-lister George Clooney visited an outlet in Edinburgh in 2015. Another Oscar winner Leonardo Di Caprio then visited the social enterprise in 2016. Social Bite now employs over 100 people and gives out over 140,000 items of food each year.

In 2017, Josh received an MBE in recognition of his work on homelessness and a year later he established the Social Bite Village, an innovative accommodation project for homeless people in Edinburgh. Last year he teamed up with Will Smith and Dame Helen Mirren to launch ‘The World’s Big Sleepout’ which saw 60,000 people raise over $10,000,000 as they slept out in 52 cities across the world. 

Ruth Harvey

Ruth Harvey

Ruth Harvey is Leader of the Iona Community, a globally dispersed Christian ecumenical community working for peace and social justice, rebuilding of community and the renewal of worship. She is a Church of Scotland minister and a Quaker, with ten years of experience working as a mediator and facilitator with Place for Hope. Ruth brings particular experience in supporting groups to articulate their deepest concerns, and is committed to the principal that ‘nothing about us without us is for us.’ She brings a commitment to environmental justice, recognising that the peace we pursue in the world is predicated on the justice we live out in our daily lives, including the restoring of right relationships with all living things, and with the planet.