Assembly Pre-engagement

While participation in the Assembly as a member, expert lead, or speaker is by invitation only, a public engagement exercise was conducted in October 2020, before the assembly started meeting, in order to include the views of wider society. The public was invited to make suggestions on an online platform regarding what they thought the Assembly should discuss, who should speak at the Assembly, and their ideas about how Scotland should reach net-zero targets.

An analysis of the ideas and comments that were submitted over the consultation period was conducted and the emerging themes are summarised in Pre-engagement Overview November 2020 Report below. The key themes identified in the Pre-engagement Overview guided the selection of expert speakers and organisation of evidence throughout the Assembly process. The Pre-engagement Evidence Summary March 2021 below outlines which suggestions from the Dialogue Exercise were incorporated into Scotland’s Climate Assembly.


Click here to view and download the Pre-Engagement Overview 2020.

Click here to view and download the Pre-Engagement Evidence Summary March 2021.