We the undersigned write to express our support for Scotland’s Climate Assembly and the recommendations for action it has submitted to the Scottish Government and Scottish Parliament.

The Assembly’s recommendations and conclusions are innovative and ambitious. They are also realistic and achievable – as long as they are matched by political will. Scotland now has a mandate from its people to provide genuine global leadership on climate change.

As the Assembly makes clear, the climate emergency affects all of us and requires immediate action from government, industry, NGOs, CSOs and communities across Scottish society.

Through the Climate Assembly, ordinary people from across the country have laid the foundations of a strategic vision and urgent plan of action for Scotland to deliver on its climate change commitments. Policy-makers need to take heed of both the Assembly’s specific recommendations and the spirit of their report. Clarity on a national strategy that delivers on the Climate Assembly’s level of ambition will make all the difference.

The Assembly, with over 100 members, found common ground for both driving cuts in emissions and adapting to a changing climate - despite coming from diverse backgrounds and holding different views. This charter shows there is a groundswell of support across the country for the actions the Assembly has proposed.

As the Assembly said in their Statement of Ambition, “As a nation we have the opportunity to be pioneers, by taking immediate action to empower our next generations to lead sustainable lives by setting up the framework now.”


Click Here to Sign Scotland's Civic Charter on Climate



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Director, Mikebarryeco

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Chris Birt

Associate Director for Scotland, Joseph Rowntree Foundation

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Professor Iain Black

Professor of Sustainable Consumption,

University of Stirling

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Professor Sarah Bridle

Professor of Food, Climate and Society,

University of York

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CEO, Community Resources Network Scotland

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Head of The RSA (The royal society for arts, manufactures and commerce) Scotland

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Dr Megan Crawford

Director, Futures & Analytics Research Hub,

Lecturer in Data Science, Edinburgh Napier University

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Dr Kate Crowley

Lecturer in Climate Risk and Resilience,

University of Edinburgh

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Dr Craig Dalzell

Head of Policy and Research,

Common Weal

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Dr Oliver Escobar

Academic Lead on Democratic Innovation,

Edinburgh Futures Institute

Senior Lecturer in Public Policy, 

Edinburgh University

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Liam Fowley

MSYP for Kilmarnock and Irvine Valley 

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Anna Fowlie

Chief Executive,

Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations

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Ruth Harvey

Leader, Iona Community

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Neil Hay

Chief Executive, Space

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Stuart Hay

Director, Living Streets Scotland

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Professor Tahseen Jafry

Director, Centre for Climate Justice

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Kathleen Jamie 

Scotland's Makar

Kirsten Leggatt

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Monica Lennon MSP

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Josh Littlejohn

Co-founder, Social Bite

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Gillian Mackay MSP

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Jenny Marr

Scotland's Climate Assembly Stewarding Group

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Andrew McCornick

Former President NFUS

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Val McDermid 

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Paul McLennan MSP

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Laura Moodie

Scotland's Climate Assembly Stewarding Group

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Chris Morgan

Director, John Gilbert Architects

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Daisy Narayanan

The City of Edinburgh Council

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Jimmy Paul

Director, Wellbeing Economy Alliance Scotland

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Phil Prentice

Chief Officer, Scotland's Towns Partnership

Image of Dave Reay

Professor Dave Reay

Chair in Carbon Management and Education,

University of Edinburgh

Executive Director,

Edinburgh Climate Change Institute

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Mike Robinson

Chief Executive, Royal Scottish Geographical Society

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Mark Ruskell MSP

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Professor Pete Smith

Chair in Plant and Soil Science,

University of Aberdeen

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David Somervell

Convener, Transition Edinburgh

Photo of Professor Julia Steinberger

Professor Julia Steinberger

Professor of Social Ecology & Ecological Economics,

University of Leeds

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Professor Iain Stewart 

Communications Lead, Scotland’s Climate Assembly

Professor of Geoscience Communication, University of Plymouth

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Professor Jane Suiter

Professor of Political Communication, 

Dublin City University

Paul Sweeney MSP

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Sara Thiam

CEO, Scottish Council for Development and Industry

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Mercedes Villalba MSP

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John Ward

Founder and Managing Director,

Pengwern Associates

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Professor Chris Warhurst

Director, Institute for Employment Research,

University of Warwick

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Professor Jan Webb

Professor of Sociology of Organisations,

University of Edinburgh

Kate Wimpress

Director, North Edinburgh Arts