After a process of learning, discussing and deliberating about the climate emergency, Assembly members created goals and recommendations to complete the statement:

To tackle the climate emergency in an effective and fair way, Scotland needs to change to…

Goals and recommendations were drafted in small group discussions. Goals represent a wider vision of how Scotland should change, while recommendations identify specific actions.

The following pages set out the goals and recommendations voted on by Assembly members. Each goal and recommendation is shown with the percentage of support it received. Percentages were calculated on the basis of Assembly members that expressed an opinion (either ‘agree’ or ‘disagree’). Abstentions did not contribute to the percentage, but were recorded for quorum.

Children’s Parliament’s ‘Calls to Action’ are also integrated throughout the recommendations reflecting the relationship between the Children’s Parliament’s process and the Assembly.

For each recommendation, Assembly members drafted a supporting statement which sets out the reasoning behind the recommendation and why they think it will help to tackle the climate emergency in an effective and fair way. These supporting statements are included in the report in the section following the recommendations.