Goal: Reduce consumption and waste by embracing society wide resource management and reuse practices. – 97%


Support Sustainable Manufacturing: Strategically support the development of new manufacturing businesses in Scotland that are innovating in low carbon, high quality, built to last, product design. – 99%

Ban Single Use Packaging: Reduce plastic and electronic waste by banning the use of single use plastics (unless there is no viable alternative) and increasing regulation to prevent the supply of products in non-recyclable packaging and to stop retailers providing plastic bags to customers. – 97%

Food Packaging: Reduce food waste by increasing public pressure and regulation on supermarkets (and other outlets) to change how fruit, vegetables and other perishable products are packaged, so that people can buy only the amount they need. – 96%

National Reuse Charter: Introduce a National Reuse Charter to establish best practice standards and targets; timetables for implementation; and reporting mechanisms, in order for Local Authorities to transform recycling centres into reuse centres where items can be repurposed by skilled workers, and allocate funding equal to the National Recycling Charter (£70 million) to provide for implementation. – 95%

Extended Producer Responsibility Legislation: Introduce Extended Producer Responsibility Legislation to regulate product design e.g. materials, production processes, so that the full costs of lifetime product emissions and disposal/repurposing are included in the price - including imported products. – 92%

Resource Libraries: Provide government support to Local Authorities to establish a network of ‘Resource Libraries’ across the country, where people can ‘borrow’ high quality tools and equipment that are maintained and repaired by the library, rather than buying seldom used items themselves. – 92%

Children’s Parliament: Create sharing libraries in communities for toys, clothes, food, tools, books…and more!

Children’s Parliament: Ban plastic packaging and single-use plastic (especially cutlery, bottles and plastic bags).

Image of Assembly member Christine

Christine, Assembly Member

“This goal brings together many things that will not only help so any people and reduce the amount of needless waste but will also reduce carbon emissions and has the potential to create jobs. It all comes together as a logical thing to do and as a starting point wouldn’t have great financial start-up costs.”

Amanda, Assembly Member

“[I am most proud of] the lending libraries because not only will it help climate change, it will make things accessible to low income families.”