Goal: Implement an integrated, accessible and affordable public transport system and improved local infrastructure throughout Scotland that reduces the need for private cars and supports active travel. – 93%


Public Transport Cheaper or Free: Make public transport cheaper, or free, by reviewing tender processes to focus government subsidies into nationalised public/private partnerships or not for profit public transport providers. – 98%

Children’s Parliament: Make public transport more environmentally friendly. This would involve making it easier and cheaper for children and adults and making buses and trains electric or hydrogen-powered.

Children’s Parliament: Encourage cycling by making more, safer cycle paths and lanes, and making public bikes available in villages, towns and cities.

Oyster Card for Scotland: Introduce standardised smart ticketing for public transport across the whole country – an ‘Oyster card for Scotland’. – 96%

Integrated Rail Network: Place rail travel at the core of an integrated transport system, by subsidising rail infrastructure to make it more affordable and resilient than air travel, particularly for mainland journeys in the UK. – 95%

Children’s Parliament: Create better railways to link up people in rural areas.

Image of Assembly member Nadine

Nadine, Assembly Member

"I think for travel within the UK people would already happily travel by rail instead of air if it was more affordable. This could be an easy transition for people and would greatly reduce emissions."

Image of Assembly member Alistair

Alistair, Assembly Member

"Even although I am a keen motorist, I can see the need to reduce private car ownership and move towards greater use of public transport. I know that for most types of transport, there are much greener alternatives which we need to exploit much more rapidly than we are doing now."