Goal: Provide clear and consistent, real and total carbon content labelling on produce, products and services (showing production; processing; transport; and usage emissions) to enable people to make informed choices. – 92%


Food Carbon Labelling: Within 5 years, to have fully implemented food carbon labelling, similar to nutritional labelling, that shows real and total carbon content - not the offset carbon footprint. – 95%

Declare Travel Carbon Impact: Immediately make it easier for people to make informed choices about how they travel, taking carbon emissions into consideration, by requiring transport providers to declare the carbon impact of flights and train journeys in a clear and meaningful way at the time of booking. – 94%

Kirsten, Assembly Member

“I’m probably most proud of the recommendations around product and food labelling. I hope this will empower the public to make more informed choices and put more consumer pressure on industry to rethink their processes and the materials that they use in order to become more sustainable and less wasteful.”

Product Carbon Labelling: Require businesses to label products to show the carbon footprint of the production process. – 91%

Children’s Parliament: Label all food and everyday items with where they are made and their impact on the environment.

Carol, Assembly Member

“The one that I liked best from the stream that I was in was the suggestion that we have carbon labelling on our foods, to add to the traffic light system, so people know what impact their dietary choices are having in terms of carbon footprint. It’s a very basic idea, it gives people information on which to base their choice.”

Image of Assembly member Ruth

Ruth, Assembly Member

“I am probably most proud of the recommendation on carbon food labelling. I believe empowering individuals with knowledge will have the greatest and longest lasting impact. Ultimately societies, governmental bodies and private firms are all made up of individuals.”