Goal: Strive to be as self-sufficient as possible, with a competitive Scots circular economy that meets everyone’s needs in a fair way. – 91%


Sustainable Business Loans: Introduce government backed sustainable business loans for companies and start-ups to invest in innovation in reuse and reprocessing in Scotland and creating commercial demand for repurposed/remanufactured materials. – 98%

Reduce High Carbon Construction Materials: Incentivise the use of Scottish grown and produced materials in house construction by setting targets to reduce the use of high carbon construction materials and increase the use of carbon neutral materials. – 97%

Targets to Sell Local Produce: Set targets for supermarkets and other shops to buy and sell local produce at a fair price to farmers and consumers, and consider systems of grants for supporting more localised markets. – 94%

Children’s Parliament: Make and sell more food locally in Scotland. Support environmentally-friendly small businesses, organic farmers and butchers. Choose to stock foods from Scotland over foods from abroad.

Children’s Parliament: Improve recycling in Scotland. This would include having more recycling points, even for things like clothes and toys, and having better, fun instructions for everyone to follow.

De-incentivise Imports: Grow and adapt our local economies by de-incentivising imports and establishing more innovative businesses and low carbon manufacturing industries in Scotland. – 94%

Image of Assembly member Polly

Polly, Assembly Member

“As a lecturer in design, where we conceive and make ‘stuff,’ it feels important to think much more about how we manage and use our resources as we move forward. I plan to use the new knowledge I have learnt from Scotland’s Climate Assembly to influence the lifestyle choices I make as well as integrating some of the thinking into the way I teach design.”

Image of Assembly member Beverley

Beverley, Assembly Member

“In future I’ll also try and be more conscious of the things I’m using, the things I’m buying. Likewise in my work life as a freelance designer, the things I’m manufacturing to sell on: trying to reuse materials, recycle materials, think about where everything’s made. The whole life cycle of products.”