Goal: Develop work, training and volunteering opportunities to support net zero targets, connect people with nature, rebuild depleted natural resources and increase biodiversity. – 91%


National Nature Service: Government and industry should work together to develop a career ladder, or an incentive, for people not in education, training, or work to contribute to rewilding, land restoration and adaptation projects. This could be driven by a National Nature Service, supplemented by a Conservation Volunteers Scheme. – 96%

Children’s Parliament: Help children and adults learn green skills that will help tackle the climate emergency like:

• How to grow food and compost
• How to recycle properly
• How to repair and mend things
• How to have a climate friendly diet
• How to plant trees and protect wildlife

Children’s Parliament: Teach children and young people about what green jobs and qualifications they could get when they’re older. In schools, introduce children to different green jobs, and degrees at university which are designed to tackle climate change.

Green Training and Apprenticeship Scheme: Scottish Government should support businesses and employers to transition and prioritise green skills by introducing a national training/retraining and apprenticeship scheme for new green jobs, accessible to all. – 96%

Children’s Parliament: Create more jobs for looking after all our nature. This would involve helping people without jobs learn skills to have green jobs.

Children’s Parliament: Help children to play, learn and have hobbies outside. This is so when children grow up, they go outside more often and want to look after our nature.

Flexible Working Conditions: Government should publish clear guidelines about their expectations for flexible working conditions and ensure that businesses are meeting these for staff when making procurement decisions and issuing contracts. – 91%

Children’s Parliament: Help schools to be environmentally-friendly. Schools can be places for planting trees.

Image of Assembly member Helen

Helen, Assembly Member

“Creating a national nature service really appealed to me, I thought it could be a great way to give people ownership and a better understanding of the countryside and nature.”