Goal: Realise the principles of a ‘20-minute community’ in flexible ways across Scotland by reducing the need to travel for work, shopping, services and recreation in ways that support localised living. – 88% 


Broadband Connectivity: Improve broadband connectivity across Scotland by investing in a fit for purpose infrastructure to provide reliable, high-speed broadband access in all areas. – 100%

Public Spaces for Walking and Cycling: Invest in improving public spaces in neighbourhoods and cities to make them safer and more appealing to walk and cycle in. – 98%

Convert Existing Buildings: Create thriving town centres by focusing on the conversion of existing properties into high quality housing and community spaces rather than building more edge of town developments. – 97%

Reform Planning Laws: Reform planning laws to enable governments to require developers to include community infrastructure and local facilities that can be reached by ‘active travel’ in new developments, preventing collections of houses being built with no amenities, and instead building thriving communities. – 94%

Rural Localised Living: Ensure that all communities are able to benefit from the principles of localised living, inspired by the 20-minute community, by guaranteeing access to services through remote, digital and mobile provision. – 91%

Create New, and Support Existing, Work Hubs: Create new, and supporting existing, work hubs / shared work facilities where someone can go to work, whether they are self employed or an employee. – 90%

Free Wi-Fi and Support Access to Smart Devices: Work towards ensuring the availability of free Wi-Fi for all, and support access to smart devices for all, to close the digital divide. – 83%

Children’s Parliament: Make travelling to school in environmentally friendly ways easier and cheaper. This would involve S’Cool buses, cycle/walking buses, and more, safer cycle routes across Scotland.

Image of Assembly member Aidan

Aidan, Assembly Member

“[I am most proud of the recommendations] pushing for communities to be able to have localised living. I recognise this within my own town which is pretty isolated and has limited shops/ job opportunities and I am sure it’s certainly not the only town to feel such effects. Having 20 minute communities with established town centres and quality housing will benefit people in terms of how they live, work and play.”