Dr Alan Renwick // UCL

Dr Alastair McInroy // Mobility as a Service (MaaS), Technology Scotland

Prof Alice Larkin // Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research

Amanda Grimm // Creative Carbon

Dr Amanda Thomson // UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

Ameena Camps // Uist Wind

Dr Andy Kerr // Climate-KIC

Andy Smith // Loganair

Anna Beswick // Adaptation Scotland, Sniffer

Dr Anna Birney // Forum for the Future

Dr Anna Gyrka-Macphail // Obesity Action Group, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow

Anna Hughes // Flight Free UK

Anna Richardson // Councillor, Glasgow

Arabella Kennard // Community Energy Scotland

Ben Twist // Creative Carbon

Bruce Wilson // Scottish Wildlife Trust

Dr Calum MacLeod // Community Land Scotland

Caro Overy // Creative Carbon

Chris Morgan // John Gilbert Architects

Chris Stark // Climate Change Committee

Prof Chris Warhurst // University of Warwick

Dr Clive Mitchell // NatureScot

Clive Wilding // Artisan Real Estate

Dr Craig Dalzell // Common Weal

Craig McCormack // Green City Wholefoods

Daisy Narayanan // Sustrans

Dr Dan Barlow // ECCI

Prof Dave Reay // University of Edinburgh

David Harkin // Historic Environment Scotland

David Symons // WSP (professional services)

Debbie Adams // The Conservation Volunteers

Deborah Long // Scottish Environment LINK

Prof Deirdre Shaw // University of Glasgow

Eilidh Watson // Young Royal Scottish Geographical Society

Elizabeth Leighton // Existing Homes Alliance

Ellie Harrison // Get Glasgow Moving

Fabrice Leveque // Climate Emergency Response Group, WWF Scotland

Heather Claridge // Architecture & Design Scotland

Hywel Lloyd // Active Building Centre

Prof Iain Docherty // University of Stirling

Iain Gulland // Zero Waste Scotland

Prof Iain Stewart // University of Plymouth

Iona Taylor // Link Group

Jamie Adam // Community Energy Scotland

Jamie Cooke // RSA Scotland

Prof Janette Webb // University of Edinburgh

Jessica Sinclair-Taylor // Feedback

Prof Jillian Anable // University of Leeds

Prof Jim Skea // Just Transition Commission

John Dickie // Child Poverty Action Group

John Ward // Grantham Research Institute

Jon Turner // Link Group

Jonathan Hines // Architype

Jonathan Hinkles // Loganair

Prof Julia Steinberger // University of Leeds

Kaisie Rayner // Royal London Group

Dr Kate Crowley // University of Edinburgh

Dr Katherine Trebeck // Wellbeing Economy Alliance

Kathryn Dapré // NHS Scotland

Keesje Avis // Nourish Scotland

Keith Anderson // Scottish Power

Prof Kevin Anderson // University of Manchester

Kristin Bash // Faculty of Public Health, Food Special Interest Group, Leeds teaching hospital

Laurence Bourton // UK Health Alliance on Climate Change

Leo Murray // Possible

Lesley Macinnes // Councillor, Edinburgh

Libby Peake // Green Alliance

Prof Lori McElroy // University of Strathclyde

Lucy Gillie // South Seeds

Martin Kennedy // National Farmers' Union of Scotland

Matt Lipson // Energy Systems Catapult

Matt McDonald and Colin Howden // Transform Scotland

Matthew Logan // Community Energy Scotland

Megan Kennedy-Woodard // Climate Psychologists

Michael Cook // Community Resources Network Scotland

Mike Barry // Former Director of Plan A and Sustainable Business for Marks and Spencer

Prof Mike Berners-Lee // Lancaster University 

Mike Daniels // John Muir Trust

Dr Patrick Kennedy-Williams // Climate Psychologists

Prof Pete Smith // University of Aberdeen

Phil Prentice // Scotland's Towns Partnership

Phoebe Cochrane // Scottish Environment LINK

Rab Bennetts OBE // Bennetts Associates

Rachel Statham // Institute for Public Policy Research

Richard Hardy // Prospect

Rona Mackay // Community Energy Scotland

Prof Sam Frankhauser // Grantham Research Institute

Sam Gardner // Scottish Power

Sandy Halliday // Gaia Group

Sara Thiam // Scottish Council for Development and Industry

Prof Sarah Bridle // University of Manchester

Sophie Guy-Pearson // Oil and Gas UK

Stephen Young // Scottish Land and Estates

Councillor Steven Heddle // COSLA

Stuart Hay // Living Streets

Stuart Stevens // Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

Susie Fitton // Inclusion Scotland

Prof Tahseen Jafry // Glasgow Caledonian University

Will Stronge // Autonomy

Zarina Ahmad // CEMVO Scotland